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DNT Data Catalog

An interactive website describing the datasets collected for the Dynamic Taxonomy Project.

Welcome to the Dynamic Neighborhood Taxonomy (DNT) project's data catalog. These pages were created to classify and make accessible all of the data assembled and organized by the project. Most of the datasets listed here are available to individuals and organizations interested in doing research on neighborhood dynamics, either individually or in partnership with the Dynamic Neighborhood Taxonomy project.

The various datasets contained in the DNT database are stored in separate directories organized by subject. The catalog can be browsed by directory or by dataset. Each directory contains a dataset description file (labeled with a ".dta" extension, as the actual data is stored in Stata format) and, if available, additional documentation for that dataset. By clicking on the dataset name (e.g. "census_90_00.dta"), you can access the available metadata, including a dataset description, a list of variables and data dictionary, as well as the data coverage in terms of both time and geography.

The Catalog will be continually updated as we collect and clean more datasets.

To browse the catalog by directory or dataset, see below. To see a unified list of all the variables contained in the database, click here. Please contact Michael He (michael at rw-ventures dot com) with any questions.

Browse Datafiles by Directory

Directory/File  # Datasets   # Sub-directories   # Other files 
         Business 4 4 0
         Demographics 2 1 0
         Development Interventions 1 1 0
         Education 3 2 0
         Finance 2 3 0
         Geography 1 1 0
         Housing 2 2 0
         Infrastucture 4 3 0
         Price Indices 11 5 0
         Real Estate 7 4 0
         Safety 2 1 0

Browse Datafiles by Dataset

File # Directory Location HTML Documentation Description
1 Business/Dun and Bradstreet/ dunbradstreet_90_06.dta Dun and Bradstreet
2 Business/Employment Subcenters/ employsubcenters_98_04.dta Closest distance and median distance from each tract to each employment subcenter
3 Business/Regional Amenities/ regionalamenities_90_04.dta Regional Amenities
4 Business/Zip Code Business Patterns/ zipbusiness_94_04.dta Number of employees and establishments by industry code for each tract
5 Demographics/Census/ census_90_00.dta Demographic, housing and other information
6 Demographics/Census/ census_housingavg_70_00.dta Historical census housing information
7 Development Interventions/TIF/ tif_86_06.dta Total TIF area by tract and % of tract area designated as TIF
8 Education/School Demographics/ schools_90_04.dta School demographic and classroom data
9 Education/Test Scores/ testscores_99_04a.dta Test score and rank for closest elem midd and hs per tract
10 Education/Test Scores/ testscores_99_04b.dta Test score and rank for closest elem midd and hs per tract, non-missing only
11 Finance/FDIC Banks/ fdicbanks_94_06.dta Number of bank locations and total deposits per tract
12 Finance/HMDA/ hmda_93_05.dta HMDA Lending data
13 Geography/Geography/ geography.dta Various geographic attributes of census tracts
14 Housing/LIHTC/ lihtc_87_04.dta Low Income Housing Tax Credit data
15 Housing/Public Housing/ pubhousing_90_04.dta Number of public housing units by tract
16 Infrastucture/Parks/ parks_98_04.dta Number of parks and total park area (sqmi) per tract
17 Infrastucture/Public Services/ firepolice_90_04.dta Number of police and fire stations per tract
18 Infrastucture/Public Services/ library_90_04.dta Number of libraries per tract
19 Infrastucture/Transit/ transit_90_05.dta Transit Stops
20 Price Indices/DNT RSI/ rsi_annual.dta Annual DNT-repeat sales indices
21 Price Indices/DNT RSI/ rsi_monthly.dta Monthly DNT-repeat sales indices
22 Price Indices/DNT RSI/ rsiERR_annual.dta Prediction error of annual DNT-repeat sales indices
23 Price Indices/DNT RSI/ rsiERR_monthly.dta Prediction error of monthly DNT-repeat sales indices
24 Price Indices/Median Raw/ medianRAW_annual.dta Annual raw median sales prices
25 Price Indices/Median Raw/ medianRAW_monthly.dta Monthly raw median sales prices
26 Price Indices/Median Smoothed Time/ medianSMtime_annual.dta Annual temporally smoothed median sales prices
27 Price Indices/Median Smoothed Time/ medianSMtime_monthly.dta Monthly temporally smoothed median sales prices
28 Price Indices/Median Smoothed Time/ medianSMtimeERR_annual.dta Prediction error of monthly temporally and spatially smoothed median sales prices
29 Price Indices/Median Smoothed Time Spatially/ medianSMspacetime_monthly.dta Monthly temporally and spatially smoothed median sales prices
30 Price Indices/Trend Breaks/ trendbreaks.dta Trend Breaks of Quarterly Median Prices
31 Real Estate/Foreclosures/ foreclosures_85_06.dta Foreclosure counts by tract
32 Real Estate/land_use/ landuse_90_05.dta Land use data
33 Real Estate/landuse/ landuse_93_05.dta Number of parcels by land use type for each tract
34 Real Estate/Transactions/ chicago_clean.dta Cleaned Chicago Real Estate transaction data
35 Real Estate/Transactions/ cleveland_clean.dta Cleaned Cleveland Real Estate transaction data
36 Real Estate/Transactions/ dallas_clean.dta Cleaned Dallas Real Estate transaction data
37 Real Estate/Transactions/ seattle_clean.dta Cleaned Seattle Real Estate transaction data
38 Safety/Crime/ crime_99_04.dta Reported Crime, aggregated into crime types
39 Safety/Crime/ crime_detailed_99_04.dta Reported Crime, not aggregated