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RW Ventures, LLC specializes in market-based strategies for growing urban and regional economies.  The firm applies sophisticated economic models and analytic tools to understand market performance.  We then create the information resources, products and institutions necessary to improve performance and drive inclusive industry, neighborhood and regional economic growth.

The firm manages major national projects ranging from development of comprehensive metropolitan business plans to improvement of property assessment models.  Our work also addresses specific sector opportunities such as digital excellence, clean tech and development finance.  We were lead developers of MetroEdge, the Center for Financial Services Innovation, the Urban Markets Initiative, MyHomeEQ and the Metropolitan Business Planning initiative. In all of our projects, we seek to bridge the gap between theory and practice, driving rigorous research from a practitioner perspective, and translating results into successful initiatives and enterprises.

The firm’s focus on practitioner-driven research and product development helps businesses, community-based organizations, local governments, foundations and civic leadership groups devise targeted economic development strategies at the sector, neighborhood, city and regional levels.  Through teams of national experts assembled for each project, we provide rigorous market research and analysis, product and enterprise development, business planning, public policy and start-up services.  At its core, RW Ventures’ work strives to achieve economic growth and improve quality of life by aligning community and economic interests to drive inclusive prosperity.

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