Portland’s Inclusive Economic Growth Plan

Portland’s Inclusive Economic Growth Plan presents an ambitious plan for Portland to develop into a next generation model for inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the emerging economy. The report includes a market analysis of Portland’s industries, human capital, innovation activities, built environment and institutions – followed by a set of mutually reinforcing strategies to realize a vision for Portland: aligning economic growth with equity and climate resiliency to provide a prosperous, vibrant, healthy place for all Portland residents and businesses. Strategies include growing “green” products and services, providing targeted scale-up support and financial products for small businesses, and inclusively growing the food and beverage manufacturing cluster. This Plan was prepared in collaboration with several partners (see Appendix) for Prosper Portland.

Prosper Portland has integrated the Inclusive Economic Growth Plan with several aligned studies/initiatives and publicized it at www.advanceportland.com. The full Inclusive Economic Growth Plan can either be downloaded here or at: https://www.advanceportland.com/additional-resources.

June 14, 2023