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Urban Ventures Database

During the course of its projects, RW Ventures has assembled the Urban Ventures Database, an extensive information resource encompassing thousands of variables bearing on the social and economic characteristics of American neighborhoods, cities and regions.

The Urban Ventures Database was developed as a comprehensive depository for warehousing, querying, manipulating and analyzing information relating to urban economic development. In addition to the more common public data sources, such as the decennial Census of the population, the database includes a wide array of private sources, web sources, surveys, academic research, and customized datasets. The database also contains variables derived from the original datasets to be included in the regression models that investigate the factors defining and influencing urban economic performance.

Currently, the database contains indicators that measure phenomena ranging from voter turnout to bank deposits, from home mortgages to commuting patterns. It also contains detailed cross-tabulations of employment by industry and occupation derived from the Census Public Use Micro-Sample.

The portion of the database related to the Dynamic Neighborhood Taxonomy project can be browsed online by clicking here. Contact us for more information on the overall coverage, variables and data sources in the Urban Ventures Database.

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