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RW Ventures, LLC's work is centered on three broad areas: regional economies, neighborhood markets and business services.

At the regional level, we work primarily with civic leadership organizations and local governments. We have done extensive research to identify the key drivers of economic growth for cities and metropolitan areas and elaborate tools that urban leaders can use to guide their interventions. We also conduct in-depth analysis of the regional economy in particular places, in order to elaborate targeted development strategies that build on the unique economic mix of each urban area. To this end, over the years we have assembled one of the most comprehensive databases on cities and metropolitan areas, encompassing thousands of variables bearing on the social and economic characteristics of every urban area in the United States.

At the neighborhood level, RW Ventures, LLC has been at the forefront of the analysis of neighborhood markets and of the elaboration of market-based strategies for community economic development. Our work has focused in particular on the use of information resources (from specialized data to neighborhood platforms) to reconnect isolated and underutilized neighborhood assets to the mainstream economy. We have worked with businesses, foundations, and community based organizations across the country to assess the market potential in low to middle income communities, conducting specialized market analysis geared primarily towards retail, insurance and financial services.

Ultimately, our work at the regional and neighborhood level is closely interconnected: successful development strategies at the community level leverage the neighborhood assets in the context of the regional economy. Similarly, successful economic development at the regional level needs to take into account all of the resources that the region's neighborhoods have to offer.

RW Ventures, LLC also works with several early stage technology companies, providing a wide array of business services, from strategic and business planning to finance.

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