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Dynamic Neigborhood Taxonomy Project

Living Cities, a national investor collaborative of major banks, insurance companies, foundations and federal agencies committed to the revitalization of American urban centers, is supporting a multi-year initiative to create new tools for understanding urban communities. The project aspires to allow businesses, development practitioners, governments and others who invest in neighborhoods to identify, with respect to particular neighborhoods, the neighborhood type, its pattern and stage of development, and the key interventions to drive change. With data, technology and practitioner partners, the project is beginning to develop the tools for “clinical economics:” practical, interactive knowledge and analytic products that businesses, community organizations and government can use to better target investments and interventions to opportunities in urban neighborhoods.

The project is designed as a collaborative effort that builds on the work of many other organizations in the field and benefits from the participation of an outstanding set of project partners, as well as over 70 advisors including practitioners, researchers, funders, civic leaders and government officials. To see a complete list of the project sponsors, partners and advisors, click here.

Click here for a short project description. For details on the project design, methodology, findings, and how to participate, please register in the Team Access portion of our web site.

RW Ventures is grateful to Living Cities for its generous support of this project and for its continued commitment to the development of new knowledge and tools for the economic development field.

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